Sports Logistics


AWL understand that every industry has unique needs and sporting goods manufacturers are no exception. Retail demand fluctuates throughout the year as many sports are seasonal, and this calls for you to know that the warehousing and storage space you need should be available. Running your business successfully includes understanding the flow of market demands for your products, including how you will manage this flow through your third party logistics provider. Sporting goods logistics requires knowledge not only of seasonality, but the best channels for your products and how to work with those retailers and suppliers for the most efficient results.

This is why AWL is your most suitable partner. We know what it takes to be at the top of your game and we offer a number of benefits to help ensure your products are readily available no matter what the season:

>> With more than 11 million square feet of warehousing and storage space across India, you will always have the items available just about anywhere anytime.
>> Our experts will review your needs and offer strategy suggestions to improve your efficiency, whether it’s the best way to store your goods for effective distribution and order fulfillment, or to replenish the distributors’ minimum stock levels.
>> Our relationships with major distributors in India ensures you better coordinated order delivery and understanding at most of the sports venues

Our Sports Logistics services include:

>> Kitting & Packaging
>> Barcode and Hologram Services
>> Serialized Inventory Management
>> FIFO & Batch Management
>> Event Test-Run Run Logistics
>> Sports Event Logistics
>> Demo and Photoshoot event logistics
>> Sports Exhibition logistics


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