Solar & Semi-Conductors Logistics

AWL Logistics Services for Solar & Semi Conductor Industry

Solar energy is an economic engine. With the growth of this industry, economy benefits the most. Since year 2010, this industry has seen an average increase of over 250% and its increasing. Clearly it shows that the industry has potential to grow and hence it will attract new players and markets across the globe.

AWL understands the unique requirement of Solar & Semi Conductor industry. We are the providers of end-to-end supply chain services with a focus to enable you to make the most of the opportunities and grow your business. Our experts help you in forecasting, route planning and load optimization. Our global teams provide you with a dedicated knowledge-base of tariffs, duties and compliance. Our technical gurus will assist you in devising the checkpoints for temperature, humidity, tilt, shock and location mapping.

Using AWL‘s presence across India, you can setup multiple storage points for faster deliveries anywhere in the country. We have the expertise to provide the complete, cost effective and efficient logistics solution from manufacturing till installation.

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