Food & Beverages Logistics


Food and beverage products present every logistics company with very special demands. AWL’s specialised food & beverage logistics division, through strict SOP execution and best practice, is ideally set up to fulfil these challenging requirements. AWL adheres to the highest standards of hygiene, as endorsed by the appropriate FSSAI licenses at our warehouses. Food and beverages manufacturers put their trust in the know-how of our logistics experts.

We provide:

>> FSSAI approved storage facilities
>> Temperature controlled storage
>> Batch Management
>> First-In-First-Out (FIFO) / First-Expiry-First-Out (FEFO) Management
>> Expiry / Close to Expiry / Stock Aging Reporting
>> Barcode Labeling and Barcode Scanning
>> Label Printing & Label Pasting
>> Packing & Repacking Activities
>> Promotional Items Stock Management
>> Event Logistics
>> Reverse Logistics
>> Adherence to measures and controls
>> Certification and Licensing Consultancy
>> Strict Operating Procedures and KPI Reviews
>> Documentation & other Value Added Services
>> Insurance


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