Entertainment & Media Logistics


Entertainment industry and Media industry have been part and, to some extent, the reason for major changes in today’s dynamically evolving world. They set the pace by bringing in the most updated and latest information to everyone. To keep providing the better, they have always employed best and have hired the best. Logistics of their tools and equipment to the venues, safely and on-time has been one of the critical features which is combined with other functions to deliver the maximum.

AWL, using its knowledge and expertise, has been catering to these industries for many years. We have provided supply chain services in establishing the cinema theaters, logistics of cinema projectors, cinema screens, HD Cameras, JIB Cameras, Trans Lights and Backdrops, POTA / BABY / HMI Lights, 3D Glasses, Caddy Trays, Cup Holders and many other accessories.

We specialize in:

>> Door to Door Logistics
>> Theater deliveries and Pick-ups
>> Pick and Pack and Transport
>> Storage of Promotional Items
>> Tilt / Press / Moisture Monitoring
>> Barcode Scanning
>> Plug-in / Plug-out Operations
>> Food & Beverages Transportation
>> Studio movements
>> Cinema Promotional Logistics (Standees/ Press-Kits/ One-Sheets etc)
>> Event Logistics for Special Events, Conventions and Festivals
>> Co-ordination with multiple parties at site for delivery at right point
>> Planning and Scheduling of dispatches to align with the Site crew
>> Off-Site Loading and Offloading
>> Customized transportation services to meet the crew needs

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