Electronics & Appliances Logistics

The electronics industry, in particular, demands the quality, speed and cost-efficiency without compromise. In this complex business, an effective supply chain solution is needed for

>> Accelerated product life-cycles
>> Quick repsonse to market
>> Global manufacture, supply, distribution and retailing
>> Cost efficiencies and cost reduction

At AWL, we offer an extensive range of supply chain solutions, which meet all the needs of our clients and their customers in Electronics and Appliances industry.

>> Stock Management
>> Spare Part Stock Management
>> Serial Number Management
>> Guarantee / Warranty Cards Management
>> Barcode Labeling / MRP Stickers
>> Pick & pack and kitting operations
>> Delivery to Stores / Retailers
>> Delivery to End-Consumers (E-Commerce)
>> Spare Part Movements in India
>> Reverse Logistics
>> Customized Packaging Solutions

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