Cosmetics & Skin Care Logistics


At AWL, the priority is to collaborate with our customers. We adopt customer-specific strategies and work very closely to assess the demand, flow of material and inventory for ensuring flawless planning.

Cosmetic products need specialized storage amenities such as temperature controlled environments, and even in some cases, experienced professionals with specific expertise in storing and distributing particular items. At AWL, we offer a full range of logistic services from the raw material to the distribution of finished products. This wide range of services includes distribution by road, sea, air, rail, customs clearance, preparation of orders or reverse logistics services.

We provide:

>> Temperature Controlled Storage & Warehousing
>> FSSAI Approved Storage & Warehousing
>> Drug Licensed Storage & Warehousing
>> Order Management
>> Inventory Management
>> Barcoding & Scanning Services
>> MRP Labeling and Compliance Checks
>> Qualiy Control / Inspecion Areas
>> Gift packing services for festive season
>> Logitics for promotional activties, trade shows etc.
>> Urgent & Special transportation

AWL also Controls the channels of distribution and Milk-runs to

>> Supermarkets
>> Shopping Malls
>> Shops and Outlets
>> Airports
>> Duty free Shops
>> Government Facilities
>> CSD Deliveries
>> Hospitals & Pharmacies
>> Hotels & Spas

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