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Apparel logistics is a different than any other forms of logistics. It’s more trend-driven and changes every season. Due to this hyperdynamic environment, the Apparel industry always produces high volumes to meet evolving requirements. Timing is the most obvious critical factor in the apparel supply chain, which is stretched by the sourcing and production in new locations worldwide. These large retailers need their logistics partners to know more about new geograpies than themselves. This is where AWL helps you manage all the logistics so that you can focus on your core business. With industry specific services for freight forwarding, inventory management, warehousing, distribution, pick and pack and supply chain management, we enable you to always stay a step ahead in the competition.

We provide:

>> State-of-the-Art storage and warehousing solution
>> Order Fulfilment
>> Door to Door Supply Chain Management
>> Direct communication with Factory for effective pickup schedules
>> Systematic Inventory Management
>> MRP Pasting, Labeling and Tagging
>> Barcode Labels and Barcode Scanning
>> Style, Color, Size, Season, MRP management
>> Customer & Vendor PO Management
>> Invoice / STN / DC generation
>> Sorting & Packaging
>> GOH Handling
>> Quality Inspection & Compliance
>> Route planning
>> Distribution & Transportation


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